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Independent Authentication Cloud Service

The Independent Authentication Cloud Service created on patented technology (“Independent Biometric Identification System”, U.S. Patent No. 6,993,659) helps protect access to logical or physical resources by enabling the use of virtually any biometric technologies regardless of vendor, industry, market, application, type or software platform employed. Organizations choose the optimal set of biometric factors and scanners for their situation to achieve the level of identity authentication and digital communication security they require.



The world’s first consumer and small business application that uses biometric verification before allowing access to PCs and other electronic communications devices; the same technology allows user to selectively encrypt personal data (files, folders, flash, external and internal drive) on their PC. The patented technology (“Independent Biometric Identification System”, U.S. Patent No. 6,993,659) allows users to choose the biometric factor or factors (finger, iris, voice, etc.), and scanner (various manufacturers) that works best for them, thus providing optimal security and user experience. IdentaMaster protects intellectual property, and provides convenient flexibility by offering users the option to setup various security levels, and a combination of security means.



IdentaMaster® Pro

IdentaMaster Pro offers extraordinary security within a security performance portfolio that includes Multimodal Biometric Authentication (using a device of the user's choice or combinations thereof) and proven Encryption. Companies are using IdentaMaster Pro on PCs or part of Microsoft Domain Networking for identity verification to manage and confirm network login credentials for local and domain accounts, to encrypt files and data on local PCs, in the cloud or in shared PC spaces, and to encrypt entire volumes on flash drives and internal and external HD drives.

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