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Unified Credential Management (UCMS) - Enroll, verify, personalize, issue and manage credentials from birth to death for any market. Enroll users by entering in demographic, health and biometric information, as well as proofing documents. With workflow configuration, customize identity registration and issuance steps for all credentials, as well as configure security keys, inventory management, and PIN policies for credential profiles. UCMS enables you to configure source repositories, authentication methods, and PKI for users, as well as allowing for full personalization and issuance utilizing graphic/chip encoding that integrates with 3rd party services and applications. Furthermore, UCMS enables you to have complete control over life cycle mangement by allowing you to issue temporary and permenent replacement credentials and to reissue, update, suspend, and revoke credentials.


UCMS Mobile – Enroll users and issue credentials on mobile or tablet; supports NFC and Bluetooth interface. SecuEra's top of the line credentialing security product, UCMS, can now be utilized anywhere, anytime, in the form of a mobile application. Highlighting backend synchronization, sync a user or multiple users and information with the UCMS web server to ensure up-to-date information. UCMS Mobile offers secure login, registration, credentialing, and lifecycle management. Register a new user, including their demographic, health and biometric information, as well as capture a signature and verify an individual's identity by reading demographic and biometric information. Customize and personalize credentials and workflows as well. Fast, easy to access and use, without requiring internet access.

Self Service Portal – SecuEra Self-Service Portal delivers secure, role-based, and personalized portal solutions that optimizes services for the credential holder. This unified portal offers identity holders an integrated platform to enroll, manage and check on status and verify information.

Self Service

Mobile ID - Digital wallet to cohesively and securely access multiple credentials instantly on your mobile device and web browser. SecuEra’s Mobile ID is a digital wallet that enables users to cohesively and securely access multiple credentials instantly, on your mobile device and web browser with the ability to simutaneously connect to multiple applications. Mobile ID boasts strong security features such as strong authentication and transaction validation which utilizes OTP and PKI, allowing for enhanced online security and usability.

Mobile ID

E-ID Verify - Secure identity verification on smartphones or tablets using PIN or fingerprint authentication. Verify biometric signature, demographic information, facial photos, fingerprints and health information of any individual and user, while checking a user's status with flexible authentication methods such as PIN, Fingerprint, OTP or PKI via a contactless interface (NFC or Bluetooth).

E-ID Verify



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