The SDA04P-V3 is a complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system that captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. Designed to function entirely without an external PC, the SDA04P-V3 can be integrated into access control units, door locks and other products. It can communicate with external devices and is interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers for a wide variety of implementations.


The SDA04P-V3-WR is an optional version that features a water resistant optic module suited for integration with IP65-rated products.


All versions feature next-generation fingerprint technology including SecuGen’s ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module and high speed NIST MINEX Compliant fingerprint matching algorithms for fast 1:1 and 1:N search capabilities.

Standalone fingerprint system

Technical Specifications


  • Model
  • CPU
  • Template Capacity
  • Host Communication
  • External Interface
  • Sensor (Type)
  • Image Resolution
  • Platen Size
  • Sensing Area
  • Image Grayscale
  • Light Source
  • Supported Fingerprint Templates
  • Other Features
  • Supply Voltage
  • Current Consumption
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Operating Temperature
  • Water Resistance


  • SDA04P-V3
  • 1 GHz MIPS
  • 20,000
  • Serial (RS232, CMOS)
  • GPIO, Wiegand
  • SecuGen SDOPP03V / SDOPP03V-WR (contact)
  • 500 PPI
  • 16.1 mm x 18.2 mm
  • 13.2 mm x 15.2 mm
  • 256 levels (8-bit)
  • LED
  • SecuGen Proprietary, ANSI INCITS 378-2004, and ISO/IEC 19794-2 formats
  • Auto-On™, Smart Capture™
  • 3.3V
  • 190 mA (max.)
  • 21 mm x 32 mm x 62 mm (optic module) 59 mm x 43 mm x 8 mm (processor board)
  • 32 g (optic module) 16 g (processor board)
  • -20°C ~ 65°C
  • Available with SDOPP03-WR sensor

SDA Developer Kit


The Developer Kit includes all the hardware, software, support and documentation needed to accelerate the design and integration of the SDA fingerprint recognition system into stand-alone or networked devices. The Developer Kit also includes APIs and data conversion modules to help expand the capabilities of your fingerprint biometric system with the following functions:


  • Register, update and delete user profiles
  • Verify or identify user
  • Manage user database
  • Control system settings (brightness, exposure, gain, security levels, quality threshold, etc.)
  • Test all functions
  • Interface with PC and SecuGen USB fingerprint readers


Includes: Choice of SDA (1 unit), DB9 interface board for development, C9 cable, RS232 cable, 3.3V AC-DC power supply, software, documentation and one year of maintenance that includes technical support and free software upgrades.