Unity 20 Serial


Unity 20 Serial is a low cost, fully programmable stand-alone fingerprint recognition system that scans, processes, and matches fingerprint data for identifying or verifying users. Featuring the industry’s most rugged fingerprint sensor, the Unity 20 Serial can securely capture, enroll, match, and store fingerprint data all in one device. Unity 20 Serial communicates via a 9-pin DB-9 connector and can be integrated into applications that need biometric authentication capability such as Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Time and Attendance tracking stations, and other devices where a serial connection is required.


Unity 20 Serial with connector


Unity 20 Serial is a finished system that supports RS-232 serial connectivity and is part of the Unity family of all-in-one, stand-alone fingerprint modules with complete biometric functionality built-in, designed to operate entirely without external host systems.


What’s Inside

Unity 20 Serial is made with SecuGen’s flagship stand-alone U20-ASF module in an ultra-compact housing with a 20-inch long cable and serial connector. The U20-ASF module consists of a premium FBI-Certified FAP 20 fingerprint sensor, combined with a programmable Single-Board Computer (SBC) that includes onboard CPU, SDRAM, and flash memory. Unity 20 Serial is powered externally via DC jack in the serial connector housing.


Closeup views of serial connector


Advanced Features for Developers

Developers can use Unity 20 Serial also right out of the box by calling the simple APIs of the pre-installed Fingerprint Management System (FMS) software. Alternatively, the device can be custom programmed using the built-in Linux development environment, MINEX-compliant fingerprint algorithms, OpenSSL cryptography libraries, and 1 GHz CPU. For stronger security, the device can also store encrypted fingerprint templates and process them in a closed environment without ever leaving the device. It also provides high-speed fingerprint matching in either verification mode (1:1) or identification mode (1:N), using the built-in SecuSearch Engine. Integration of the Unity 20 Serial into any application can be facilitated by the Unity OEM Developer Kit described on the U20-ASF page.

Main Features


  • FBI Certified (PIV, FIPS 201, Mobile ID FAP 20 Compliant) meets FBI Image Quality standardsThis product was certified by the FBI as tested and in compliance with the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) Image Quality Specifications (IQS). The review of the test data was conducted by the FBI / Criminal Justice Information Services Division / Global Operations Section, as part of the Biometric Center of Excellence.
  • RS-232 serial connectivity with DB9 connector
  • Rugged, high-performance, maintenance-free optical sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
  • Fast recognition and high quality imaging of difficult fingerprints (dry, wet, scarred) in challenging environments
  • Fast and accurate verification
  • Readily accessible for any finger
  • Auto-On™ – automatic finger detection technology (when used with apps built with SecuGen SDKs)
  • Smart Capture™ – self-adjusting scanning technology (when used with apps built with SecuGen SDKs)
  • Device Recognition™ – device authentication technology (when used with apps built with SecuGen SDKs)
  • Fingerprint template encryption (when using SecuGen Proprietary template format)
  • Latent print rejection (does not accept prior fingerprints left behind on sensor)
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable
  • Integrated finger guide

Features of Built-in Processor Board (SBC)


  • Fingerprint Management System (FMS) software that works right out of the box
  • Open Linux OS that lets you develop custom applications running on the device
  • Large fingerprint template storage capacity and support for SG400, ISO/IEC 19794-2, and single view ANSI INCITS 378-2004 templates
  • NIST MINEX Certified and FIPS 201 Compliant embedded fingerprint algorithms for template generation and matching
  • High-speed fingerprint matching in verification mode (1:1) or identification mode (1:N, using built-in SecuSearch Engine)
  • Serial (CMOS) interface for external I/O
  • Interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers to support a wide variety of implementations
  • Responds to serial commands that use the same protocol supported by SecuGen’s SDA04P-series OEM modules and ID-Serial

Technical Specifications


  • Model
  • Fingerprint Module (Type)
  • Certification
  • CPU
  • Template Capacity
  • Supported Fingerprint Templates
  • Algorithm
  • Image Resolution
  • Platen Size
  • Sensing Area
  • Image Grayscale
  • Light Source
  • Other Features
  • External Connection
  • Supply Voltage
  • Current Consumption
  • External Power (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

Unity 20 Serial

  • HU20-ASF-SR
  • U20-ASF (contact)
  • 1 GHz MIPS
  • 2,000 templates (1,000 users)
  • SecuGen Proprietary, ANSI INCITS 378-2004, and ISO/IEC 19794-2 formats
  • NIST/MINEX compliant Template Generator and Template Matcher
  • 500 PPI
  • 18.2 mm x 23.1 mm
  • 15.24 mm x 20.32 mm
  • 256 levels (8-bit)
  • Green LED
  • Auto-On™, Smart Capture™, Device Recognition™, 360 Degree Fingerprint Rotation
  • 9-pin DB-9 (DE-9) female connector
  • 3.3VDC regulated
  • 190 mA max.
  • AC adapter requirements:
    Input voltage: 110VAC/220VAC
    Output voltage: 3.3VDC (1A~2A)
    Size: Type A, 5.5 mm OD (outer), 2.1 mm ID (inner)
    Polarity: ground (outer), positive (inner)
  • -20° ~ 65°C
  • Fingerprint module housing: 53.9 mm x 58.6 mm x 31.9 mm
    Serial connector housing: 52 mm x 43 mm x 20.5 mm
    Cable length: 0.5 m
  • 92 g

Benefits of Using SecuGen Fingerprint Readers


SecuGen stand-alone fingerprint systems are powerful yet easy to use and can securely perform all biometric functions within the device without an external host. Backed by the industry’s best warranty, years of field use and proven reliability under extreme conditions, SecuGen fingerprint readers have been highly sought after for their consistent performance and affordability for a wide variety of applications in diverse environments throughout the world.


When used for biometric authentication as part of an overall security program, SecuGen fingerprint readers can help reduce the hassles of password overload, decrease the risks of security breaches, improve accountability and add true non-repudiation, all while making it more convenient and intuitive for any user.


Look to SecuGen for advanced, fingerprint biometric technologies that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.