SecuGen’s feature-rich, rugged and high performance fingerprint sensors and readers have been integrated into many different products and applications by our partners around the world.

Our Solutions Showcase highlights the leading software and hardware developers and manufacturers who have partnered with SecuGen to develop innovative biometric security, identity, and authentication solutions to meet a wide variety of needs for their customers.

The software in this showcase were created using SecuGen SDKs to incorporate the use of SecuGen fingerprint readers. The hardware products were produced by embedding SecuGen fingerprint OEM modules or sensors into various types of devices.

SecuGen does not sell or service the products listed in this Solutions Showcase. You can find more information about the partner software or hardware product by clicking on the partner’s link.

Accounting / Financial Systems Access

Biometric Technologies

Check Cashing and Point of Sale (POS)

EmagineNET Technologies


Retail Banking



School Meals / Cashless Catering

Nationwide Retail Systems

Civil ID

NEC Chile
Unifyia Unifyia


Election / Voter ID and Registration

CODE Incorporated


PIV / HSPD-12 Applications

Unifyia Unifyia