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M2SYS Technology



Bio-Plugin is a revolutionary fingerprint software solution that allows developers to rapidly integrate a server-based, turnkey fingerprint biometrics system without the development work required from a low level fingerprint SDK. Bio-Plugin is a fingerprint SDK alternative that can be seamlessly integrated into any Windows or Web software in just a few hours, completely eliminating the development work and support challenges that engineers would otherwise face.


Bio-TimeClock is a PC-based biometric timeclock software and data collection utility. Workforce management, HR, accounting, and payroll software providers can use Bio-TimeClock as a mechanism to capture critical employee time and attendance data and import it into their system through an industry standard communication protocol. Bio-TimeClock provides businesses with a much more affordable alternative to capturing employee time and attendance data through a wall mounted timeclock and maximized security over card scanning systems. In addition to collecting and exporting this data to another system, Bio-TimeClock can also be used as a stand-alone fingerprint timeclock application.