What is SecuSearch® Pro 3?

SecuSearch Pro 3 is a one-to-many (1:N) matching engine for the rapid identification of fingerprint templates from among a large database of templates. SecuSearch Pro 3 can handle rapid searches of up to 2 million templates.

The SecuSearch Pro 3 SDK is a software developer’s kit that enables programmers to develop extremely fast, highly accurate fingerprint searching programs for use in large-scale fingerprint databases using the SecuSearch Pro 3 matching engine. The SDK supports quick and easy integration in any fingerprint database application where accuracy and search speed are paramount.

SecuSearch Pro 3 SDK is commonly used for two types of applications:

  • To identify unknown individuals by matching fingerprints against a fingerprint database. Examples include searches for missing children and criminal investigations.

  • To identify registered users without requiring identifying information such as ID codes. Examples include time and attendance systems, member management systems, and system login without ID.


  • High-speed fingerprint searching
    Multi-threaded application takes advantage of all available cores of the processor
    Innovative indexing-based algorithm, different from sequential comparison, that increases the search speed to over 500,000 fingerprints per second in a PC environment (50 times faster than our earlier version)
  • Wide compatibility
    Easy integration into any type of platform since it has been built in the ANSI C/C++ environment and currently supports 64 bit versions of Windows
  • One-to-Many (1:N) matching engine
    Powers fast and accurate fingerprint search and identification programs
  • Optimized APIs
    Provide fingerprint registration and searching functions so that programmers can quickly and easily build fingerprint search systems
  • High accuracy in fingerprint matching
    Generate accurate matching candidate lists with corresponding matching confidence levels
  • Free to evaluate, develop, and use for up to 1,000 templates without a license
    Affordable license available for up to 2 million templates
  • Register to database
    Register and move fingerprint templates to and from database, individually or in speed-enhancing batch processes
  • Identify
    Identify a fingerprint in the database according to a preset matching confidence level and security threshold
  • Search for matching candidates
    Generate a list of matching fingerprint candidates in the database with their respective matching confidence levels
  • Manage Database
    Manage fingerprint templates registered in the memory resident fingerprint database
  • Convert Templates
    Convert from ANSI 378 or ISO 19794 standard fingerprint templates to SecuGen proprietary templates
  • SecuSearch Pro 3 Engine and API interface
  • Sample applications and their source code in C++ and C# .NET
  • Sample fingerprint minutiae files to run with demos
  • Developer’s Manual
  • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 Standard / 2012 R2
  • Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz processor or higher
  • Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Language Interface: C/C++, .NET
  • Must be used together with FDx SDK Pro for Windows
  • Ask us about support for Linux: contact form

The SDK is free to download and use for evaluation and development.

For deployment of applications that use up to 1,000 fingerprint templates, no license file is required. For deployment of applications that use more than 1,000 fingerprint templates, a paid license file is required. Please check with your SecuGen representative for pricing.

Memory Requirements

Memory requirements of the SecuSearch Pro 3 Engine vary according to the number of fingerprint templates to be registered because the fingerprint database resides on the system’s main memory (RAM). The system memory should be much larger than the working memory of the SecuSearch Pro 3 Engine because it requires a large amount of contiguous memory block, and running other applications may reduce the maximum size of contiguous memory available.

Minimum Working Memory for 64-bit Engine
Number of Templates 8 Threads 24 Threads 64 Threads
100,000 2.5 GB 4.1 GB 6.7 GB
500,000 6.3 GB 9.6 GB 14.8 GB
1,000,000 10.7 GB 14.7 GB 21.7 GB
1,500,000 14.7 GB 19.3 GB 27.4 GB
2,000,000 (max) 18.7 GB 23.6 GB 32.6 GB
Minimum Working Memory for 32-bit Engine
Number of Templates 4 Threads 8 Threads
10,000 368 MB 474 MB
50,000 924 MB 1.22 GB
75,000 1.19 GB 1.53 GB
100,000 (max)* 1.41 GB 1.82 GB


* The 32-bit engine supports up to 100,000 templates due to the 2 GB memory constraint of 32-bit applications.

Supported SecuGen Readers

All SecuGen readers that may be used with FDx SDK Pro for Windows.