What is SecuGen® SDK Plugin for Citrix®?


The SecuGen SDK Plugin for Citrix allows XenApp and XenDesktop users to scan their fingerprint with a SecuGen reader connected to their local device and use that fingerprint to authenticate to a SecuGen biometric application delivered over a secure Citrix ICA session.

Use with Biometric Apps

  • The SecuGen fingerprint reader will work only with Biometric Applications that support the SecuGen APIs provided in the SecuGen FDx SDK Pro for Windows
  • Biometric Apps can be remotely operated through an ICA session together with a SecuGen fingerprint reader that is locally plugged into the client machine
  • A demo Biometric App that will capture, display, register, and match fingerprints is provided with this plugin


How does it work?

  • The user’s fingerprint is first scanned on a reader connected to the client
  • The scanned fingerprint is then securely transmitted by the Citrix ICA Client to the VDA
  • All functions further involving the fingerprint are executed by the Biometric App on the VDA
  • The virtual biometric application is able to access the local fingerprint reader via customized USB redirection (port mapping)
  • Note: This plugin was not designed to authenticate users to start up an ICA session. It was designed for authenticating to a Biometric App that is running on an existing ICA connection. Therefore, the user should first connect using normal authentication methods before running the Biometric App.


Easy to install

Installation is straightforward with no programming required.

  1. Copy the plugin files to the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) that hosts the Biometric App
  2. Install the client plugin on the client machine
  3. Connect the SecuGen fingerprint reader and install the driver automatically or manually

Site Requirements


Delivery Controller
  • XenApp and XenDesktop v7_2006 and later




  • Windows 10
  • Any web browser that supports Citrix Workspace app 2107 v21.7.0.44 or later
  • SecuGen fingerprint reader and driver


Supported Fingerprint Readers


License Requirements

This plugin is free to use for up to 2 connections at a time (no license is required).

If you need more than 2 connections at a time, a paid license is required. Please contact us or your SecuGen Representative for information about pricing and how to get a license key.