How to Clean and Disinfect a SecuGen Fingerprint Reader


Like everyone else, we are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. If more than one person uses the same fingerprint reader, we recommend that you clean and disinfect the reader between users as instructed below.



  1. If the surface is dirty, use a glass cleaner spray or wipe with a tissue, paper towel, or cloth dampened with a cleaning agent.
  2. Spray or wet the surface with common household disinfectant.
  3. Let the surface stay wet for as long as is recommended on the label of the disinfectant before wiping off or drying.



  • You can safely use disinfectants, such as diluted bleach solutions, anti-microbial sprays, and alcohol wipes, on SecuGen fingerprint readers without harming the sensor window because it is made of glass. However, the housing of the reader is made of plastic, which may be damaged if strong solvents, acids or caustic solutions are used.
  • If using a detergent or soap solution to clean, apply it using paper towel or cloth. Squeeze out any excess liquid before cleaning the surface. Avoid pouring liquid directly onto the sensor or device.