Congratulations on purchasing the new Hamster Air fingerprint reader: a touchless fingerprint scanning device that can be used for a variety of security applications. We at SecuGen appreciate your business!

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Key Features

  • Touchless fingerprint scanning
  • Safe contactless experience for users who do not want to touch surfaces
  • Works well with dry, moist & difficult-to-scan fingers
  • For more information, visit the Hamster Air product page


The Hamster Air is a touchless scanner where you do not need to press anything with your finger. This means that how you use the Hamster Air will be a little different from how you use regular contact scanners, such as other SecuGen Hamster devices.

Please review the instructions by expanding the sections below to get the best results with the Hamster Air. After using it a few times, it will become very simple and quick to use.

Before you start

Install the driver

  • The device driver for your Hamster Air should automatically be installed after you first plug it into your Windows PC. (This feature will be available within the next few weeks. Please use the manual option described below.
  • If you have third-party software to use with this reader, the drivers may be installed when you install the software.
  • If neither of these options are available to you, visit our driver download page to install them manually.

Tips for better scanning

Additional Tips
  • When scanning to enroll, lower your finger until you get a large, clear fingerprint. If multiple scans are required, repeat scanning at slightly different heights.
  • When scanning to match, slightly raise or lower your finger until a match is complete.
  • If Hamster Air is used together with SecuGen contact readers, it is best to enroll both contactless and contact fingerprint templates for each user to improve accuracy.
  • If your fingerprint looks out of focus or incomplete – or if you are having trouble matching, check the following examples of wrong finger placement and adjust your finger accordingly.

For developers

We provide free SDKs that work with Hamster Air, allowing you to integrate touch-free fingerprint scanning with your applications. Please check the SDK descriptions to see which ones support Hamster Air. Additional support will be added over the next few weeks.

If you wish to integrate Hamster Air with an existing application and database of fingerprints already enrolled using other SecuGen contact fingerprint readers, please contact your SecuGen sales representative or email us at for additional special information about best practices.

Resources and Information

For more information about how to use your fingerprint reader, check out our user guides, FAQs, and product pages.