BIO-key International, Inc.



WEB-key offers customers the option of integrating one-touch fingerprint authentication with options for proximity cards, one-time-passwords (OTP), Passwords / PINs, and knowledge based / challenge response questions.

WEB-key allows users to authenticate in the Cloud or on any intranet or extranet. WEB-key can strengthen security and privacy, with a patented encryption and session management approach. WEB-key can fully address your regulatory requirements for advanced authentication while improving user satisfaction and efficiency.



Vector Segment Technology™ (VST) is a highly accurate, scalable, NIST-tested fingerprint-based biometric identification solution. In independent testing performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), VST demonstrated top performance in key accuracy metrics among commercially available products. Supporting actual large-scale implementations around the world, VST with Intelligent Image Indexing™ is storing and matching against over 100 million real fingerprint templates accurately and rapidly every day. Additionally, only VST supports devices from every major fingerprint reader manufacturer and provides complete reader interoperability, so you can deploy devices that are best suited for the specific environments they’re used in.


ID Director

BIO-key’s ID Director fingerprint authentication software is customized to deliver one-touch biometric authentication in your native environment without the burden of a cumbersome or intricate integration. Currently, BIO-key ID Directors are available for healthcare EHR platforms, IAM platforms and Windows 10 – Active Directory.

With ID Director customers can use any approved device–workstation, laptop, or tablet–and they can be authenticated across any secure network from any approved location, even from home. Our fingerprint authentication software can strengthen security, fully address regulatory requirements for advanced authentication, and improve user satisfaction and workflow.