The U20-SFR is an advanced, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system that captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. It is the first of the Unity 20 series of all-in-one fingerprint systems.


Designed as an all-in-one system that functions entirely without an external PC, the U20-SFR can be integrated into access control units, door locks, ATMs, handheld devices, laptops, point of sale equipment, industrial equipment and many other kinds of products. It can communicate with external devices and is interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers for a wide variety of implementations.


The U20-SFR consists of the SecuGen U20, an FBI-Certified FAP 20 Fingerprint Sensor, integrated with a programmable Single-Board Computer (SBC) that includes onboard CPU, SDRAM, and flash memory.

U20-SFR (front, side, rear views)

Features of Fingerprint Sensor


  • Rugged, high image quality fingerprint sensor that is both FBI Certified (FIPS 201, PIV and Mobile ID FAP 20 compliant) and STQC Certified
  • Built upon patented technologies that allow rapid capture of high-contrast, low-distortion fingerprint images
  • Smart Capture ensures high quality imaging even from traditionally difficult fingerprints, such as dry or moist fingers, as well as under very bright conditions, such as outdoors in sunlight
  • Auto-On for automatic detection of a finger when placed on the sensor

Features of Built-in Processor Board (SBC)


  • Fingerprint Management System (FMS), a built-in application with a concise set of fingerprint functions allowing it to be used right out of the box
  • Open Linux operating system that facilitates the development of custom applications running on the U20-SFR
  • Large fingerprint template storage capacity for either identification mode (1:1) or verification mode (1:N)
  • NIST MINEX Certified and FIPS 201 Compliant embedded fingerprint algorithms for template generation and matching
  • SecuSearch Engine for high-speed fingerprint identification for SG400 templates and single view ANSI 378 templates
  • CMOS serial interface for external I/O
  • USB interface configured for TCP/IP (by default) can be re-configured as serial-over-USB or as a USB fingerprint device
  • Interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers to support a wide variety of implementations
  • Responds to serial commands that use the same protocol supported by SecuGen’s SDA04Px OEM module

Technical Specifications


  • Model
  • Certification
  • CPU
  • Operating System
  • User Capacity
  • Host Communication
  • External Interface
  • Sensor
  • Image Resolution
  • Platen Size
  • Sensing Area
  • Image Grayscale
  • Light Source / Typical Lifetime
  • Supported Fingerprint Templates
  • Other Features
  • Supply Voltage
  • Current Consumption
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Operating Temperature
  • Water Resistance


  • U20-SFR
  • 1 GHz MIPS
  • Linux Kernel 3.10.14
  • 900 users (1,800 templates)
  • Serial (CMOS)
  • GPIO, Wiegand
  • SecuGen U20
  • 500 PPI
  • 18.2 mm x 22.9 mm
  • 15.24 mm x 20.32 mm
  • 256 levels (8-bit)
  • LED / 60,000 hours
  • SecuGen Proprietary, ANSI INCITS 378-2004, and ISO/IEC 19794-2 formats
  • Auto-On™, Smart Capture™
  • 3.3V or 5V
  • 220 mA (max.)
  • 33.9 mm x 49.0 mm x 22.3 mm
  • 24 g
  • -20° ~ 65°C
  • Optional

Advantages of U20-SFR


Fingerprint sensors based on CMOS technology, such as capacitive or semiconductor fingerprint sensors, are frail in comparison with SecuGen’s rugged U20 fingerprint sensor, which is renowned for its ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions, heavy use, as well as external shock, scratches and impact. This makes the U20-SFR an ideal solution for a diverse range of applications, especially those used in outdoor, rugged, and high-traffic environments. The compact size of the U20 fingerprint sensor makes it smaller than most other optics-based fingerprint recognition devices, and for that reason, the Unity product line can be more easily integrated into a wider range of applications.

Typical Applications


The U20-SFR was designed to satisfy today’s growing need for security applications that require embedded fingerprint systems in a wide variety of fields including:


  • Physical access control systems
  • Door-lock systems (indoor/outdoor)
  • Time & attendance systems
  • Cabinet safes and vaults (gun safes, safe deposit boxes)
  • Vehicle access control
  • Automatic teller machines (ATM)
  • Point-of-sale machines (POS), kiosks
  • Verification of credit cards/smart cards
  • Secure network systems
  • Laptop integration

The U20-SFR Developer Kit includes all the hardware and software needed to integrate the U20-SFR into a wide variety of “embedded fingerprint” applications. The Developer Kit also includes APIs and data conversion modules to help expand the capabilities of your fingerprint biometric system with the following functions:


  • Register, update and delete user profiles
  • Verify or identify user
  • Manage user database
  • Control system settings (brightness, exposure, gain, security levels, quality threshold, etc.)
  • Test all functions
  • Interface with PC and SecuGen USB fingerprint readers


U20-SFR Developer Kit Components


  1. U20-SFR all-in-one module with MIPS CPU, RAM and Flash Memory
  2. Development board with RS232 DB9 connector, LEDs, GPIO buttons and RESET button
  3. 9PIN Molex cable to connect to development board
  4. USB cable for 5V DC power (used with FMS option) or Host Linux PC for programming using TCP/IP over USB connection (used with Custom Application option)
U20-SFR FMS Development Kit
(for FMS option)


The U20-SFR Developer Kit for Fingerprint Management System (FMS) runs on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 to help programmers quickly and easily build reliable applications based on U20-SFR’s Fingerprint Management System.


  1. SDATest Demo Program (Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7)
  2. Sample fingerprint template database
  3. Documentation
  4. C# Sample Source Code (Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7)
U20-SFR Software Development Kit
(for Custom Application option)


The U20-SFR Developer Kit for Custom Applications (SDK) runs on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux platforms and includes application source code to help programmers quickly and easily build custom applications based on U20-SFR. Development tools in the Developer Kit require Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64-bit or Fedora 23 64-bit development platform, with GNU tools installed.


  1. Ingenic MIPS cross-compiler tools
  2. Documentation
  3. Runtime libraries
  4. C/C++ Sample Source Code (Linux build environment)