Smart Chip Card Solutions

WHC Suite

Never before has such a small piece of technology had so much power and practical features. The World Health Card is envisioned with one goal in mind, to help patients get better, faster and less costly health care, in a more efficient way regardless of where they are or where they come from. A traveler could become a patient in a matter of seconds. Accidents and illnesses can strike at any time. The World Health Card avoids many risks associated with not having medical records or not understanding the language of the patient. System integrity and security is strictly controlled by use of control smart cards. Patient cards cannot be opened without control card and the explicit approval from the card holder. Patients must always verify their identity by entering a 6-digit password or by placing their finger onto the fingerprint reader. Strict privacy standards are followed so patients are always put in an advantageous position. The WHC system thus complies with many local and international privacy standards