Success Story

Product: SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL

STEPONE has successfully installed 500 units of Hamster Pro Duo CL for a prominent bank in Morocco.

Biometric and smart card technologies were integrated in this project as a crucial step towards modernizing the process of establishing and maintaining an account with the bank. This process requires account holders to present their Electronic National Identity Card (CNIE), which is an official document available to citizens of Morocco as proof of their nationality.

Hamster Pro Duo CL is a multi-factor authentication solution that combines fingerprint biometrics and contactless smart card reading technologies into a single device. In this implementation, account holders can verify the authenticity of their ID card and authenticate their ownership using their fingerprints, thereby enhancing the security and efficiency of the bank’s operations.



STEPONE is a certified telecommunications integrator based in Morocco and specializes in designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining business solutions for enterprises of all sizes, including Large, SME, and SMI.

Unlike traditional telecom integrators, STEPONE offers a comprehensive approach by integrating cabling, electrical systems, network and security equipment, Wi-Fi solutions, telephony, unified communication solutions, and meeting rooms.