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Zetes PASS

A Turn-Key Registration and Enrolment Solution For People Registration and Mass Enrollment

zetes PASS solutions are designed to meet the need to clearly and univocally identify a person (citizen, resident, voter…) by public authorities when issuing secure ID and travel documents (national ID cards, passports, visas, voter cards…).

In order to identify someone, public authorities and administrations usually collect both administrative/biographic and biometric information, the latter information being universal and permanent but unique per individual.

Zetes PASS can virtually provide every government and public authority with all hardware, software and services (consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support) needed for turn-key registration and enrolment solutions.

Also available are customized solutions such as:

  • Zetes PASS Mobile Entry solution, a mobile and autonomous (battery operated) kit for live enrolment/registration of citizens, voters… This off-the-shelf mobile enrolment kit encompasses all hardware (portable PC, digital camera, digital tablet, fingerprint scanner, printer, CDs/DVDs…) and software needed to collect administrative/biographic and biometric data, to produce secure ID documents and database records, in the field and in real time
  • Zetes PASS Fixed Entry solution, an all-in-one solution for registration and capture of personal data, including ICAO-compliant portrait photographs and signatures (with live ICAO validation and adjustment), fingerprints or other biometric elements (for iris recognition, face recognition…). With this solution, civil servants are able to produce electronic forms and records that will be centrally registered and used for later production of secure ID and ICAO-compliant documents

People ID

Data Centralization and Validation

Personal data collected by civil servants, at local level, needs to be centralized in order to populate databases but also to ensure data consistency and validity.

Centralised People ID solution architecture frameworks developed by our Zetes PASS competence centre encompass:

  • secure data transfer and import module, transferring personal data collected in any kind of environment (even harsh) and via any type of communication infrastructure and transportation method (CD/DVD, Flash memory, FTP, mobile networks, satellite communication).
    This module also allows for importing/integrating transferred data into any (new or existing) industrial database such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2…, according to privacy rules defined by governments
  • detection of double or incorrect registration by analyzing the biographic data and by implementing centralized biometrics validation systems, such as Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, that allow for fingerprint comparison and detection of possible “doubles”, centrally or even remotely via standard Web-based highly secure server applications
  • validation services delivered by a remote central validation system (AFIS…), operated by Zetes.
    This system only uses collected biometric data and administrative information which is relevant for this validation process, thus guaranteeing absolute personal data confidentiality and privacy.
    Zetes’ validation services allow for detection of potential double registrations, based on configurable threshold definitions, and feed back this information, via a secure Web-based application, to the end-user for decision making
  • design and implementation of large People ID databases (National Register…) with links (unique number…) between biometric data and other information about each individual, always in accordance with and respect to protection and privacy rules defined by the public authority