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SecuGen Fingerprint Peripherals are Now Available at CompUSA Online

Santa Clara, CA (May 2, 2006) – SecuGen fingerprint readers can now be purchased from CompUSA.com and CompUSAbusiness.com. Thanks to the successful efforts of WUNworks Inc., SecuGen Corporation’s Austin-based business partner, customers can confidently purchase SecuGen’s USB fingerprint reader (Hamster III) and fingerprint mouse (OptiMouse III) directly from the online sites of CompUSA, one of the nation’s leading retailers and resellers of technology products and services.

CompUSA understands the need for readily accessible technology by consumers, businesses and organizations alike. WUNworks partnered with CompUSA to provide scalable, nationwide sales and fulfillment of SecuGen fingerprint readers, bundled with WUNworks solution software.

“While many fingerprint devices are compatible with our solution software, we feel that SecuGen products are an important option for our customers. They have proven to be the industry’s most reliable and durable readers. They’re ideal for use in harsh environments like high-traffic industrial applications, essential in shared environments where readers need to be cleaned frequently, and are good choices for home and office environments where durability is the key to reliability,” said Lee Hoevel, President of WUNworks.

Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales for SecuGen added, “We have seen significant and growing interest from small businesses and home offices in SecuGen’s cost-effective biometric solution. This solution helps organizations comply with privacy and security standards without losing convenience and ease of use.”

Brown continued, “Partners like WUNworks are the key to SecuGen’s success. WUNworks’ deep knowledge of biometric products and broad experience with end-user usage patterns are invaluable to us and are the reason they can build successful relationships with top tier reseller organizations like CompUSA.”

About WUNworks
WUNworks Inc. provides solutions for logon authentication and biometrically secure portable storage – no more passwords! WUNworks products and solutions employ advanced technology and industrial-grade components, but are sold at consumer-level prices. WUNworks offers “What-U-Need,” at a price that works, for both individual and enterprise customers.

About SecuGen
SecuGen is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops its own proprietary and patented fingerprint sensors and algorithms and markets OEM components, developer kits, application software and fingerprint peripherals worldwide for a wide range of applications.

SecuGen is a registered trademark of SecuGen Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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