As a designer and developer of advanced fingerprint biometric technologies, SecuGen has built up a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property in optical methods, hardware design, quality control and manufacturing methods, fingerprint extraction and matching algorithms, software applications, and related security methods.


With its strong know-how in cutting-edge technology, emphasis on research and solid engineering, SecuGen is able to further develop new and innovative advances in fingerprint biometrics that are most needed by customers and developers in the biometrics industry.


SEIR™ Optic Technology

Several of the key technologies, which form the foundation for all SecuGen-based fingerprint products, are those that comprise SecuGen’s unique SEIR™ (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) optic technology.

SEIR technology combined with proprietary algorithms help distinguish SecuGen sensors from all others. These distinguishing qualities include:

Image Quality

Click here to learn more about the advantages of SEIR optic technology over other fingerprint optic methods: SEIR Optic Technology whitepaper (PDF)



The following patents have been granted to SecuGen as the sole, exclusive owner:

US 6,154,285
“Surface Treatment for Optical Image Capturing System”

US 6,324,020
“Method and Apparatus for Reduction of Trapezoidal Distortion and Improvement of Image Sharpness in an Optical Image Capturing System”

US 6,381,347
“High Contrast, Low Distortion Optical Acquisition System for Image Capturing”

US 6,870,946
“A Compact Fingerprint Capturing and Recognition System”

US 8,666,127
“Method and Apparatus for Fake Fingerprint Detection”

US 8,917,387
“Fingerprint Sensing Apparatus”

US 9,342,729
“Fake Fingerprint Detection System”

US 9,342,733
“Fingerprint Sensing and Calibration Apparatus”

US 9,454,259
“Multi-Level Command Sensing Apparatus”

US 9,606,672
“Methods and Apparatuses for User Authentication”

US 9,741,290
“A Multi-Mode Display”

US 9,830,009
“Apparatus and Method for Detecting Hovering Commands”

Many of these patents have also been granted or are pending in countries outside of the US as well.



Products and technologies based on the patents above may be licensed for resale only from SecuGen. Through the sale and licensing of hardware and software developer kits (SDKs), SecuGen allows OEMs, ISVs, and SIs to build their own applications using SecuGen technology. For more information about licensing SecuGen technology, please contact us at