SecuGen scores zero percent false acceptance and zero percent false rejection rates in IBG’s primary visit Comparative Biometric Testing Study

Milpitas, CA (March 18, 2002) – In International Biometric Group’s (IBG) Comparative Biometric Testing Study of the leading biometric systems, SecuGen’s biometric mouse and software scored 0% False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and 0% False Rejection Rate (FRR) at the low security threshold during the primary visit. IBG’s Testing evaluates biometric systems over a range of security thresholds and includes a secondary visit six weeks after enrollment in addition to the primary visit.

SecuGen’s exceptional performance during the IBG study represents strong third-party validation for our biometric technology. This technology is the basis of our many products used in physical access security, network security, and in financial transaction security.

The tests were performed by IBG, a New York based group that tests the accuracy of leading biometric systems in typical IT security and e-commerce environments. The performance metrics reported above are derived from their Round Three Comparative Biometric Testing conducted in 2001 and sponsored by industry leaders including Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, EDS, Microsoft, Star Systems, Fidelity Investments and FSTC. IBG has tested over 24 different biometric products since it began in 1998.

About SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation provides biometric solutions for physical and network security employing the most advanced fingerprint recognition technology. The company invents, develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of patented optical fingerprint recognition sensors that, combined with powerful, sophisticated algorithms, yield products with the highest resolution and longest warranty in the industry. Businesses worldwide implement SecuGen’s proven hardware and software products for Internet, enterprise network and desktop security, physical access control, time and attendance and medical record control applications. SecuGen’s cost-effective products are sold as complete solutions, OEM components, or integrated into ready-to-use PC peripherals such as optical mice, keyboards and standalone desktop devices. Partnerships with key network security software suppliers assure compatibility across multiple platforms and applications.