SecuGen Releases the U20-WR™, a Water Resistant, FAP 20, PIV Fingerprint Sensor


Santa Clara, California (May 12, 2015)

SecuGen Corporation is very pleased to announce the release of the U20-WR™, a water resistant optical fingerprint sensor that is FAP 20 Mobile ID and PIV certified. The U20-WR captures very high quality images, is ultra-compact, rugged, and truly affordable. This new product is available immediately.

SecuGen products are well known for capturing high quality images in a wide range of rugged environments, as well as being affordable for use in large deployments. The FBI has certified the core of this fingerprint sensor, the U20, as meeting both PIV image quality specifications and FAP 20 Mobile ID requirements. The ultra-compact design of the U20-WR will allow it to fit easily into devices where space is limited, as well as access control devices, safes, kiosks, ATMs or virtually any other hardware device, at an affordable price. Now with the water resistant U20-WR, manufacturing an IP65-rated fingerprint enabled device has never been easier.

The U20-WR works with SecuGen’s Software Developer Kits (SDK) to enable developers to quickly and easily embed the use of the U20-WR into their hardware devices. All of SecuGen’s 1:1 SDKs are completely free. The benefit to hardware OEMs of these free SDKs along with a high quality, ultra-compact and affordable fingerprint sensor cannot be overstated.

Dan Riley, Vice President of Engineering for SecuGen said, “Our engineering team did an amazing job in the initial creation of a sensor that is very small yet meets the rigorous FAP 20 Mobile ID and PIV specifications. Now our team has made an important incremental improvement, water resistance.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, “We are very pleased about the release of the U20-WR. The small size has to be seen to be appreciated. Water resistance was a response to input from our partners. We are always looking for ways to provide our partners with state of the art products and tools. We are very pleased to be able add water resistance to this compact and high quality fingerprint.”


About SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation is the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. Known for high quality, ruggedness, and performance in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions, SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners including original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators around the world.

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