SecuGen and Key Source International Team Up to Create Secure Keyboard with FBI Certified FAP 20 Fingerprint Sensor


Santa Clara, Calif. (August 15, 2017)

The new KSI-1700 UB SecuGen Keyboard from Key Source International (KSI) offers integrated, foolproof biometric security in a premium, multipurpose device. An irrefutable, secure logon solution, the pro-grade KSI-1700 UB features the SecuGen U20, FBI certified FAP 20 fingerprint sensor and low-profile keys for easy cleaning and a superior input experience. The durable keyboard unclutters the desktop while providing natural tactile response on full travel keys that speed input and productivity. No need to sacrifice desktop space with a separate biometric device – the maintenance-free SecuGen U20 fingerprint sensor is embedded right into the keyboard’s innovative mix-and-match “technology top strip,” conveniently positioned for quick and incontrovertible user authentication.

“We chose SecuGen integration not only due to the company’s strong reputation as an industry leader,” said KSI President & CEO, Philip Bruno, “but because our customers are looking for cost-effective, top-performing products that withstand the rigors of commercial use. The U20 is a no-fail, world-class optical sensor offering high quality image capture, fast user authentication, and key compatibilities to our client base.”

SecuGen is best known for supplying high quality, durable and accurate fingerprint sensors and readers at prices suitable for large deployments.

Won Lee, SecuGen CEO, added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with KSI on a secure keyboard. KSI has long been a leader in high quality and innovative keyboard products. The company is the essence of what we look for in a partner, highly competent and focused on delivering value to the customer.”

With employee fraud on the rise, KSI’s new SecuGen Keyboard plays an important role in any identity management program. Public sector customers rely upon the keyboard’s FIPS 201 compliance for secure government logical access control. Other typical applications include airport security, banking and check cashing workstations, healthcare, and any high-traffic commercial operation where the highest level of desktop security is essential. The KSI SecuGen Keyboard offers the convenience of Microsoft Biometric Framework compatibility.

KSI technology reflects the company’s pioneering spirit and strong technical expertise honed over the past three decades. KSI was first in keyboard biometric component integration, and is, to this day, the only manufacturer to combine biometric security and infection control in one device – its award-winning LinkSmart® key-disable button, engineered specifically for keyboard disinfection by healthcare clinicians – is now available as a KSI SecuGen Keyboard upgrade.


About SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation is the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. Known for high quality, ruggedness, and price-performance, SecuGen’s products are used across a wide range of industries, market segments and applications around the world including insurance and banking, medical and health care, point of sale, logical and physical access control, mobile devices, AFIS and law enforcement, and national ID and voter ID projects.


About KSI

KSI’s LinkSmart™ keyboard system powered by San-a-Key® software was named winner of AHE’s 2016 Innovation of the Year, sponsored by American Hospital Association®. The company has a rich history of servicing the retail point-of-sale, finance, and telecommunications sectors with password replacement, biometrics, near field communication, contact-less smart card, and legacy HID badge technology. KSI’s goal is to enhance the user experience and secure the desktop while meeting rigorous government regulations with total customer satisfaction.