SecuGen Releases Unity 20 Serial Standalone Fingerprint System

Santa Clara, Calif. (April 19, 2021)

SecuGen, a world leading optical fingerprint device and technology vendor, is pleased to announce the official release of the Unity 20 Serial, an ultra-compact, RS232 serial interface fingerprint system that captures and matches fingerprints on the reader itself.

The Unity 20 Serial is SecuGen’s next-generation fingerprint authentication system designed for integration into applications that need biometric authentication capability such as Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Time and Attendance (T&A) tracking stations, and other devices where a serial connection is required.

With a rugged and ultra-compact design, the Unity 20 Serial comes preloaded with SecuGen’s Fingerprint Management System software that allows it to be used right out of the box to capture fingerprint images, extract templates, enroll, store, search, and match fingerprint data all in one device without the need for an external host. The Unity 20 Serial is FBI certified for use in FIPS 201 PIV and Mobile ID FAP 20 applications. The template extraction and matching algorithms that run on the device are NIST MINEX compliant.

The Unity 20 Serial replaces the older ID-Serial product, which offered similar functionality as a standalone fingerprint system with serial connectivity. The Unity 20 Serial now packs SecuGen’s latest technology into a much smaller-sized device—74% smaller, that is—plus a separate DB-9 connector that makes it more convenient to integrate this all-in-one fingerprint recognition device into systems outfitted with serial ports. As with all its products, SecuGen maintains its focus on utility, quality, design and affordability, and the Unity 20 Serial—offered for 35% less than the price of its predecessor—is no exception.

The Unity 20 Serial is based on SecuGen’s flagship all-in-one U20-ASF module that features the rugged, high image quality U20-A optical fingerprint sensor and a Single Board Computer having a 1 GHz CPU, a fully programmable Linux system, SecuGen’s FMS fingerprint matching SDK, and OpenSSL cryptographic libraries. All of this is housed in the same ultra-compact package as the popular Hamster Pro 20, which provides the tools and technologies needed for rapid and efficient integration with other hardware systems.

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for SecuGen stated, “We are pleased to release the first standalone fingerprint system able to fit into the small form factor of our best-selling Hamster Pro 20. The Unity 20 Serial fingerprint system does more than just read fingerprints. It also carries out all the biometric functions of fingerprint processing, one-to-one and one-to-many matching, and secure storage all in one tiny device. The product is a technological marvel, and we’re excited to make this available at an affordable price.”

“The Unity 20 Serial fingerprint reader is the newest addition to the Unity family of products. It leverages the innovative Unity fingerprint platform that we designed to simplify the development of new products,” commented VP of Engineering Dan Riley. “We’ve loaded plenty of great features including full programmability in the Unity 20 Serial without sacrificing quality, which is the core of all products we develop at SecuGen.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen, added, “As always, we focus on developing the products and tools our partners need to compete successfully in this highly competitive industry. The new Unity 20 Serial is a perfect example of this focus. Our team has worked long and hard on the Unity biometrics development platform. This is one more product that comes from that effort, and we are very proud to be able to offer this new fingerprint product to our partners.”

An OEM version of the Unity 20 Serial, called the U20-ASF-SR, will soon be made available. The U20-ASF-SR consists of the entire fingerprint recognition system and connector components in the Unity 20 Serial but without their housings and is suitable for more customized integration into third party products.

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About SecuGen

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For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to delivering high quality, innovative, rugged, and price-performing products for a wide variety of applications such as insurance and banking, medical and health care, point of sale, logical and physical access control, mobile devices, AFIS and law enforcement, national ID, voter registration, SIM card authentication, fleet management, and many more.

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