How to Login to Windows with your SecuGen Reader

(Only for Windows 8.1. If you are using other than Windows 8.1, go here.)


Step 1. Install driver

Step 2. Enroll your fingers and login


Go to Your Account Settings


A. In Windows 8.1, fingerprints are enrolled and managed through your Accounts settings. To get to your settings, move your mouse pointer to the right corner of the screen until the Charms bar appears, and click on Settings at the bottom.

Start screen


B. Click on Change PC settings and then select Accounts.

Change PC settings Search for PC settings


C. Select Sign-in options, and then click on Add under Fingerprint.

Add fingerprint


D. For security, Windows will ask for your password before accepting your fingerprint. (If you have already enrolled a fingerprint or other credential, you can verify your account with one of these sign-in options.)

Verify your account


E. Place your finger on the fingerprint reader. Windows will require you to scan the same finger several times to ensure proper enrollment. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Scan your finger


F. Click on Finish to save this fingerprint to your account.



G. You are now ready to use your registered fingerprint(s) to verify your account when logging on to Windows, purchasing a Windows Store app, or accessing a biometrics-ready Windows Store app. If you did not register all of your fingers, it may be helpful to record or remember which finger(s) you have registered so that you will know which one(s) to use for future authentication.


Manage Your Fingerprints


A. To add another fingerprint to your account, click on Add another under Fingerprint, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Add another fingerprint


B. If you attempt to add a previously-registered finger, you will get an error message. Windows compares new fingerprints with all your registered fingerprints to avoid duplication.

Already enrolled


C. If you wish to remove your fingerprints from your account, you can do this easily by clicking Remove all from the Sign-in options screen. But be careful! This function will delete all of your registered fingerprints at once.

Remove all


Step 1: Install Driver - Step 2: Enroll Fingers


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